Claim your divine rights.


You have only one father, who is in heaven.

Thus spoke Jesus in the book of Matthew in Chapter 23 and verse 9. This verse inspires a lot during times of doubt and fear. Do we really grasp the full scope and spiritual power of this verse? the Grand Master asks us to recognize only God as our only and unique father, spawner.

Many people on this planet earth live very difficult conditions on all levels namely:

  • Bad finances
  • Bad health
  • Bad family relationships
  • Bad social conditions
  • Bad work
  • Poor mental condition

Nothing really seems to be going as it should for many people. I remember at one point a friend of mine told me that if he could be Bill Gates’ son, he would not have any problem. Funny is not it? Imagine ? He dreams of becoming the child of another man to solve his problems. If he could claim such filiation, he was certain that more than three quarters of his worries would be settled. Financial worries, social conditions, work, and health to a certain extent because he could surely receive better care if he was ill. Do you already see how such filiation brings happiness to a man’s life?

Yet here, Jesus offers us a filiation that is above all, the best filiation that is. And moreover it is free. We have nothing to do to deserve it because we are already Son or daughter of God from our birth, since our very conception. Do you know how complicated adoption procedures are! It will be dozens of papers to complete, months or years of procedures, administrative barriers, etc.

What Jesus proposes is much simpler. He simply asks to “call no one on this Father earth, for you have one Father, who is in Heaven.” It’s wonderful. There are no paperwork, no wait times, no medical check-ups, no visa worries, borders to cross, and so on. You have no conditions to fulfill. You just have to accept that you are children of God, right now, here and now. In any case, whether you accept it or not, you already are. You are a child of God, you are the beloved son or daughter of your creator. This recognition should put an end to our worries, our anxieties, our fears, our lacks, our frustrations, etc.

To be the son or the daughter of the creator of heaven and earth, here, in my opinion, are the immediate advantages that are linked to it :

You are in the image and likeness of God. (Genesis 1 V 26-26), you are the image of health, life, abundance, peace, happiness, etc. You are a living reflection of all the qualities of God.
You are of the race of God. (Acts 28 V 17). We all know that in nature, living things and plants reproduce according to their kind and that a cow’s cub is a calf and the little one of the chicken is a chick. So you, being of the race of God, are a spiritual being since God your father is Spirit. So you are god because the son always looks like his father.
You are perfect as your heavenly father is perfect (Matthew 5:48). Never begin a prayer again by confessing that you are a sinner and that God must forgive you. God does not count sins. The sins we commit are against ourselves and we reap what we sow. It is a law of nature. Stop sinning and the consequences will stop too. Praying God to forgive sins is a waste of time. To stop sinning is my best thing to do and we know in our inner good when we do something good and another thing wrong. Our misdeeds do not reach the divinity because it “… has eyes too pure to see evil” (Habakkuk 1:13).

When you steal a sheep and eat it, you have stolen a sin. If you pray for forgiveness, your sin is absolved as long as it is sincere repentance. But if ever in a more or less near future, you think of this sheep and the pleasure you had to eat it, then you have no regrets and you will assume the consequences of this act.

You do not know boundaries, therefore limits because you are like the wind (John 3: 6-8). The wind blows where it wants, nobody can stop it or block it. So is every man born of the Spirit, of God. Spiritually or materially, you are free. Free of your movements, your thoughts, your faith. Do not let any religion impose on you dogmas, rituals, practices, prohibitions, etc. Be free in all things. But do not forget 1 Corinthians 6:12 “All things are permitted to you, but all is not useful.”
You are a prodigy (Psalms 71: 7). God is a prodigy, a maker of “miracles”. He is unfathomable, he is at the beginning and at the end, he has neither birth day nor death day. He is simply. And so are you. In his image and likeness, you are also a prodigy, a wonderful mechanism, both spiritually and materially. Your mind can conceive and achieve phenomenal things, your physical body is able to adapt to all circumstances and all conditions. It is flexible and at the same time rigid, it is elastic, hard, etc. It’s the most perfect creation that exists in the universe.

You are blessed with riches (Job 41:11) “Of whom am I the debtor? I will pay it. Under the sky everything belongs to me. If all that is on the earth and under the earth belongs to your father, how can you miss? you are his beloved child and plenty is your birthright.
You are in good health because you are the reflection of God and God never falls ill, so his image is that you who read these lines can never get sick. Even if it happened, know that it is only an illusion. Even if it is dark at home, the sun is not extinguished so far, it continues to shine elsewhere. In the same way, illness is the illusion that we are separated from God, which is almost impossible because “in him we have life, movement and being. Acts 17: 28
For we are his reflection and the reflection can never be separated from the original substance from which it derives its existence. “Genesis 1:26”
The Father shows you all things and all that the father does, you do likewise “John 5: 19”. You are an imitator of your divine Father and “all he does, you do it alike”.

Divine Heredity Cures You From Any Illness

According to the Wiktionary, heredity is “the transmission, within a living species or a cell line, of characteristics from one generation to the next”. So, because of your carnal filiation, you sometimes inherit certain diseases, certain predispositions to perform certain things or not. But a marvelous thing, Jesus reminds us here of our filiation with God, and thus by accepting this filiation, we end at the same time all that we can have as worries of disease due to heredity. God being the perfect creator, and we in his image and likeness, we can inherit only divine characteristics including love, health, abundance on all levels among others. So you have health as characteristics by your divine filiation. Is not it wonderful?

God the creator of heaven, earth, and the whole universe can never be sick, so why do you think you can get sick? it is because you refuse your divine filiation.

Divine heredity is the source of your riches

God the creator of heaven and earth can never be in poverty. It is he who gives the wealth, it is he who gave it to Bill Gates which my friend dreamed of becoming the son. If therefore you accept your divine filiation, the abundance and the riches of God are yours, by right of birth. Do not be ashamed to claim what is your right. Poverty is due to the ignorance of our filiation. You are born rich, you are princes in the kingdom of God and you will not miss anything. Some people who call themselves Christians are however afraid to freely discuss the subject of money. We fear that God will be offended if we ask for it, if we pray for it, etc. But poverty is an illness. We pray well for days and days to call for the healing of our diseases, so why be ashamed to pray for the healing of one of the worst diseases on earth and that is poverty. God has pleasure in blessing us, for we are his children, and they love us. Let us stop then rejecting what is our right by false modesty, modesty or lack of knowledge.

Defend your birth rights

Do not let anyone steal your inheritance. Do not let anyone preach you that you must be born again, be baptized with water, confess with your mouth that Jesus is the son of God and the savior of humanity, etc. Before being a child of God. God gives to all freely and unconditionally. Baptism, the confession of Jesus son of God, etc. are only symbols. True baptism is spiritual, it is a new spiritual birth that is an acceptance, an acknowledgment of your true nature. Confess that Jesus is the son of God, to practice his teachings and live a life of love and service to others. Jesus does not ask us anything more. Confess with his mouth that Jesus is the son of God and live the rest of the day as a pagan will never make you a child of God. If you love me, keep my commandments said Christ.

The creator looks at the heart and not the words of the mouth and the prayers of intent. He looks at the actions and not the religion you confess. A child born to his father and mother does not carry out any formality before wearing his father’s name or having sexually the DNA of his family line. So why do you accept all the protocols imposed on you by certain so-called servants of God before claiming your divinity?

Your heavenly father is not in dogmas and rituals. He is in you and you are in him, therefore you are one with him. There is no ceremony, no verbal confession in this.

In the first chapter of Genesis, God decided to create man in his image and likeness, and he did that. Every man is in his image and likeness, white, black, red, yellow, etc. sinful or holy, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or animist, etc. We have only one thing to do, to recognize that God is our only Father, who is in heaven. The heavens that represents our consciousness.

Author : Edmond Nanoukon

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